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  • Candace Caddick

What it means to be alive

By the Archangel Melchizadek

“I have something to say that doesn’t belong in any religion, but it belongs to those who have taken the chance and incarnated here. There are 7 billion humans on Earth now, or 7 billion stars, premier league players, everyone being the very best there is. You have fielded your top team filled with your best and bravest people, and you came here to live right now. Being alive is a privilege and a gift, and each of you fought for your place here during these years of change.

These are days when some of you will feel squeezed and pushed from behind to go in certain directions. You chose your direction long ago before you were a baby and promptly forgot it when you began to choose how to live your life. That’s ok, and that’s how it always is; but it makes it harder for you to accomplish everything you once planned to do. When 2011 ended it was a watershed moment, and it gave you all a chance to move forward as long as you just started moving and, in most cases, left behind all those things that weren’t working for you any longer. The direction you wish to move in is the direction you once had planned. The early months of 2012 have a go-ahead energy for walking forward. Maybe you need to walk ahead a little then glance back to see if you left anything behind you really value. Chances are you did not.

When you are alive your experiences teach you about yourself. It gives you a special heaviness and weight of existence that makes each act resonate outwards, and choices you make carry additional power and strength just because you chose to be here and run any risks. (What risks? Unhappiness, pain, fear, etc.) You are a match for anyone else alive, and more than a match for any being without an incarnate body, and there are many varieties of those from fairies (not incarnate in the same way) to spirit guides, angels, ghosts and more. You have no one to fear, and a great ability to do good if you wish.

Some of you feel that ‘others’ have the power to run your lives, but no one can rule you unless you give them the power you were born with. Be brave and take it back; use it to walk forward in the direction you feel calling you. You will find yourself at full strength then, and coming together physically and spiritually. That is when you will feel truly alive and in your power.”


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