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Where Do Crop Circles Come From?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

By the Archangel Uriel

I saw a crop circle this week that contained a plume of black energy, similar in appearance to the Northern Lights – except it was waves of darkness instead of light, and it hid the hillside of the Wiltshire West Kennet Long Barrow that lay behind. I could not see through the energy.

Crop circle at West Kennet Long Barrow, Wilts

Crop circles are one of the stories of the universe, a result of overlapping worlds and dimensions. The Earth is in a cycle of crop circles that began 500 years ago or so as the energy body of a large planet overlapped the Earth’s. This other planet exists in another dimension, where it is as solid and real in appearance as Earth is to us, and it belongs in this time and space just as much as the Earth does. The convergence of two planets has allowed the barriers to thin that keep the Earth separate from other planets, and vice versa. This happens all the time across the universe.

The crop circle is created by a brief touching between the two moving dimensions. Think of two balloons, one blown up inside the other, and as you move them the sides occasionally touch. At that sticking point where they have touched, there is a brief mark. Those are the plain crop circles. As these two planets contacted and slid by each other over the past 500 years the number of crop circles increased in frequency as there were more contact points. Very recently the sliding together changed to sliding apart, and the peak of crop circle activity has now passed.

Some years ago the crop circles changed from plain circles to pictures. Each planet is expressing itself by producing pictures and placing them upon their surface, but I’m not talking about these complex crop circles today. (

The universe is filled with moving bodies and they often overlap or converge. It is normal, just as it is normal for the many dimensions to host bodies who require the special energy and attributes of specific dimensions. You have been in the perfect dimensions for Earth and humanity up until now, but it would be helpful if people expanded their consciousness to more than three dimensions.

What do the crop circles actually do on your planet? They themselves do nothing, they just leave a mark until they are mowed away. Those who enter into crop circles enter an unusual energy, in that it is unusual to them.

I am giving a simple explanation of crop circles here. The universe is an exotic and complicated place.


Recently during a meditation evening I looked up and saw our solar system filled with planets in a ball around the Sun. Where were all these planets, and why do we only see those in a flat disc? The planets were in a number of different dimensions, and in various periods of time, as our solar system does not run on Earth time. I am not a crop circle person, but I needed to go to Wiltshire and I was told to make the trip on Monday, and so was able to see this small circle. This led to a line of inquiry with my guides that became quite complicated and filled with information I’d never heard before. A brief article like this is not the place to discuss everything that arose, but it is enough to introduce a couple of ideas. That’s why all the really interesting in-depth information ends up in my books, where we have space to take readers through a topic for thorough understanding. Candace

©Candace Caddick


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