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  • Candace Caddick

Why Crystals are Prepared to Help You Now With Heat

By The Crystal Elders

Many of you are very interested now in heating yourselves with crystals, particularly as your heating bills rise. You will need to work with the crystal consciousness to blend with our heat. The only way to approach this is through community, feeling that you are not a single being looking for inexpensive heat, but a connected member of a greater web of life. As you connect outwards with others you will reach a point where your motivation changes, and you become concerned that a very large and important member of the web is being drained of oil, natural gas and coal. See the difference of approach? If many of you were to heat yourselves without burning gas the need for destructive practices like fracking would end. There would be no market for such an expensive (in every conceivable way) product. This ability to tap into heat is something you once knew, but have forgotten. Helping you now with heating is a way to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and allows you be warm with a wholesome energy.

One person (this author) is trying to raise her energy and be warm in her writing cabin. It will only take one person to make a crack in what is a solid wall of ignorance. Like the magpies in post-First World War Europe, once one bird learned to punch through and drink from doorstep delivery milk bottles all the magpies could do it for thousands of miles. You also have this ability as Roger Bannister famously demonstrated in 1954 when he ran the first 4 minute mile. After that the mile was often run in under four minutes. This is to do with the collective consciousness and the way messages spread without deliberate effort or speech.

Although we are telling you this, we also want Candace to know that her efforts will have a larger effect than she knows. She is keeping her heat diary because to go from A to B can follow a far different path than first imagined. After it is all understood and ready to be explained there will be more to write about it.

No pressure then.

©Candace Caddick

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