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  • Candace Caddick

Why squirrels sing to the sky

I have trees around my house that seem to be filled with squirrel families. They build large nests to raise their families in, and because they are in tall Scots pine trees you can watch them run straight up the trunk to the nest. Most afternoons they sit in the trees and make their squirrel sound for hours. It sounds like a creaky branch, eehh, eehh. If my daughter sings they all stop and listen, and resume when she’s finished her song.

I was eating lunch outside and thought “why do they do that? No one ever replies to their sound.” So I asked the squirrel consciousness why they made their sound. “We’re singing to the sky.” And that was enough explanation for anyone who was not human. “I don’t understand what singing to the sky is.” I said.  Silence, then “I don’t understand your question, how can you not know what we’re doing.” Then the usual explanation: “I’m human and we don’t know anything, please can you explain.”

I had a nut thrown at me.

“We sing to give energy to the sky; our sound creates energy around our trees. This has a knock-on effect of connecting us to others, but the main purpose is to put energy into the sky.” So this is like fish swimming in the sea, stirring and energising the oceans, the squirrels and birds (guessing here) are energising the sky. They see themselves living at the bottom of the sky, and they care for it through sound. If you’ve watched them run down branches and jump you can follow that they see themselves as flying creatures, at home leaping through the sky.

I asked if they had anything else to tell me about being a squirrel, and they said they love to play. Then I got a big, soft squirrel hug, and the consciousness was gone.

I wrote an earlier blog about the sky’s relationship to the oceans:


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