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  • Candace Caddick

Wind, Rain and Floods

By Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

We’ve had a LOT of rain, and some severe storms and flooding in the UK in the last month. As I listen to AA Michael I hear the firmness in his tone of voice. Candace

If you still think of the Earth as a place without a consciousness, please come to your senses. She is not only a chemically and physically dynamic being, just as you are, she is alive and lives to fulfill her purpose, just as  you do. These recent years whenever she wishes to serve by providing weather for living, what has been happening is that it slips out of her control. Gone are the days when she could control the amount of cloud and rain, cooling breezes and sharp frosts. Today when she sends a breeze it escapes from her fingertips and is torn away at a speed she can’t control. This is what we have been writing about in our books about the Earth and the negative effect of man-made climate change.

If every time you made a small change in direction you were whirled around off-balance, and had to struggle to stay on your feet, then that is a description of the Earth now. If you wish to support her then you need to devote some of your own time to Earth healing, and to daily make the changes in consumption that must be made.

This story has an end and from our position in timeless space we can see how it finishes. Your role, as a resident on the planet, is about tipping the energy back from neglect to support. First the energy changes, then the physical.

The Archangels wrote all my books about the Earth as a sentient being, starting with Planet Earth Today. Available from my website or online retailers.

©Candace Caddick


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