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  • Candace Caddick

Your Window in Time

kaleidoscope pattern

First Elohim

Time shifts like the pattern in a kaleidoscope. Those pieces are small and separate and many colours. You have just stepped from one piece to another piece of a different colour and purpose. Today is 1.11.11 and the first day of a new window of time. Yesterday was the last day of the old year, and today is the first day of a new year with a new energy. Welcome to the new energetic year, the year of manifestation.

Some of you have felt the energy building up to this date, the “something’s coming!” feeling of this autumn. You were runners walking to the track and crouching down, waiting for the whistle to blow and to run as hard as you can as soon as it does. The whistle’s been blown, are you running?

Run where? You run in the direction of your own life, your own purpose, your own happiness and success. For one year you focus on yourself and yourself alone. You who are parents will not forsake your children, but it’s your year to look at yourself and encourage them to do the same as appropriate. It’s not your year to make other people’s live happen, for who will make your life happen if not you? Can you finish the year panting with the effort of a race well run, with a big grin on your face?

Each one of you is a bag of potential; let’s say you are the larvae of beautiful butterflies. You live on a wonderful planet that is covered in manure, put there by rigid cultural traditions. You larvae each say “Right, I’m going for it. I’m moving, I’m joining the race.” Each of you spends the year working on moving your life forward in the direction you want to go. You make tunnels through the manure as you advance and pop your heads out. The action of the tunnelling is sufficient to crack up the dry, dusty manure of your societies and it starts to disintegrate and blow away exposing the surface of the planet to the clean air. It’s time to do what you’ve always wanted to do – whatever your most secret dream is, and whether you ever felt it was supported; it’s time to go for it. You are supported by the universe, even though you are surrounded by manure and can’t see how deep it is. It’s not that deep and later when you look back you’ll see a whimpering, deformed, decrepit, useless thing that is the embodiment of the people in power on this planet.

It’s time to cast off everything else that has claimed your time, it’s time for the veils on this world to go and put all your effort and strength into everything you wanted to do. After that one push you can enjoy your life, stroll around and laugh with friends and life is easy and beautiful. It’s time to be single-minded and go for it. Whatever reasons you had in the past for not acting are no longer relevant, and they were never relevant anyway. Even if you can’t see how you will do it, start walking and as you walk more things will open up.

This window of energy lasts until the third week of Sept 2012 and by then you’ll be panting with the big grin on your face. It’s all right to be really single-minded at this time, and there will be time later to sit with your families. Now is the time to make the stories you can tell them the following winter.

“I create for myself a life where I am (pick what you need to put in here).” Paint what you create for yourself, write it, dream it, and speak it. No constraints or limitations are to be put on your plans.


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