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  • Candace Caddick

12.12.12 – The End of the World?

By Candace

Yes, in one way, but not the apocalyptic ending people worry about. I am used to looking ahead and I have rarely been able to see beyond the 12.12.12 date. Its 10.12.12 today so I feel that a long wait is about to be over. When I do see forward in time I get a glimpse of beauty and the tears that come from a broken heart finally mending. It matters to me that the planet itself is cherished for its true beauty and gentleness.

I am a clairaudient channel, and feel that I am one with everything. I can find inside my heart the consciousness of other beings, animals, insects, planets, angels, etc. and then I talk to the consciousness through that place in my heart. This is an article based on watching the events of 12.12.12 unfold and asking the questions that I want the answers to, trying to put together a picture of what will be happening.

To begin with I can see the energy coming out of Avebury like a mushroom cloud, then settling and flowing over the surface of the Earth. The content of this cloud is light, and because we are a part of the Earth (as is everything here) as she is cleaned and renewed by the light, we are also in the same way. We are washed clean, and we change from the false back into our true selves. In a Disney movie there is often a bit of magic where the person is covered in sparkles, and we’ll end up looking a bit like that. The opening of Enchanted shows the cartoon character attracting sparkles until she has become real and lives in the real world.

This wave of energy is the galactic timer. I’ve been watching out of my window the past few years the construction by the elementals of a new Earth overhead.  When the new energy comes in all of the energy from the current Earth will flow into the New Earth, and that’s how it is meant to be. It is the most gentle of transitions. The old Earth served its purpose and is gone; don’t look back.

The energy for such a large transition comes from the universe, and this wave of energy is not just power (like a battery); it is a pure kind of energy to wipe away the veils. The first blast of  energy that initiates the process can be the strongest, on the first day, at the first place it arrives. For that reason I knew I wanted to go and be at Avebury and watch (so I could be an eye-witness to the biggest event of my lifetime) but also because I want to find out what it all about and get hit with the energy. I’m counting on years of Reiki to stand me in good stead here.

You know how hard it is to accomplish something when no one is supporting you? The New Earth is supported by the energy of the whole universe, and she is supporting us so we can all go ahead so much more quickly and easily. My Avebury Day flyer is on if you want to come.

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