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  • Candace Caddick

2012 The Year of Miracles, and a word on Crop Circles

By Pan

Miracles are coming? What kind of miracles? Intangible, world-changing miracles that some will certainly see, and others will certainly not see. A miracle occurs when the impossible happens; when something utterly new takes place and you have no explanation for it, like crop circles. Crop circles are made by the Earth itself as follows: she makes the patterns and we elementals sing the stalks into lying down on the pattern, and then watch as you come and marvel. Crop circles exist to puzzle you and make you think further. When you acknowledge that you don’t know how they appeared the crop circle has served it purpose for you; but the Earth is just amusing herself by doing something creative, because she can.  These miracles coming in 2012 will involve the Earth’s creative energy, and spontaneous creation through joy.  You will find the unexpected and unexplainable (by scientists) happening on the Earth in the future.

It is a basic truth that everything requires energy, from your living bodies to ideas and plans of action. The energy behind a scheme can build until suddenly it is a reality in the lower three dimensions. A new building is a good example of this; first the idea and desire, then the planning, followed by the building. Expand that example to encompass everything on this planet; first the energy, then the manifestation in the lower three dimensions where you live.  The energy of this planet’s environment will change with the wave of universal energy on its way so that it can evolve. It is going to go from stagnant to bright and lively in a matter of months. The earth you walk on and live on will have changed direction 180⁰ (not its orbit, but moving from stagnant to flowing, and flow equals light.) By the time that change works through to you who live on her, everything will have changed for the better.

You have been caught in webs of darkness and deceit on an institutional level, i.e. your institutions have conspired to keep you blind and cowed. They are fading right now and will be gone; you don’t need them. You need sunshine, light and rainfall and very little else, and an Earth who provides these things with a flick of her thought (just like crop circles.) In Atlantis a crop could grow out of the ground and be ready to harvest overnight, and what was normal then would be a miracle now. Miracles where the Earth is concerned are part of her make-up, and her abilities will astound you.

A long time ago in his third book of The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien wrote about a golden summer of plenty in the Shire. Your golden summer is coming.


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