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  • Candace Caddick

Avebury healing visit

I had a quick run over to Avebury yesterday to meet some old and new friends and spend the day in the stone circle. When we arrived the inside of the circle was so busy! Not with people, the car park was empty. The circle itself is busy doing what it was set up to do. It’s most noticeable where there are the fewest gaps in the stones as a swaying, dancing energy moving to the drumbeat that coordinates the circle. Stop and listen to the underlying sound of the circle. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live inside Avebury now.

The day before I could see that my friends would make golden connections to the stones of the circle that would keep them in contact with Avebury even after they went away. I told the circle we were here for a visit and who we were. Immediately we were told to go to a certain place in the circle, and go there now! We went, of course, and standing in a group of five the energy poured up through our feet for a few minutes. First I could see that our internal structure was changing, becoming overlaid with straight lines like a skyscraper under construction. There are a lot of straight lines with minerals, and we’re fairly soft and curvy. The crystalline structure built through our bodies and altered us. Our energetic bodies now looked like mineral, one granite, yellow quartz, another was one of those sharp, pointy minerals, and myself quartz also. The last person became a large tree.  (There are some especially nice trees at Avebury also.) We spent the rest of the day as kin to the circle, with an unbreakable bond.

The circle of Avebury itself has a consciousness and a life of its own. (In fact so many more things have consciousnesses than you could imagine.) That consciousness assessed us as individuals and met our needs by strengthening us with mineral. From that point on I’ve been feeling very different, more than just stronger physically, but stronger mentally also, and balanced and peaceful. One of the nice things to take away from a day like that is the certainty that there is more love in the world than we ever seem to be able to notice on a daily basis.

The wind blew and it rained, but both were part of the gift of being able to go there and become part of something larger than ourselves.


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