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  • Candace Caddick

Avebury stones and their personalities

Each of the stones at Avebury has a different personality and a separate job. Usually when I visit I like to spend some time with the stones that are old friends, and at times there are some I need to see for a specific healing session. What’s interesting is that there are many stones there that are higher dimensional – and always were. Where stones have been removed and destroyed in the past there are gaps in the physical dimensions, but the higher dimensions of those stones are still there and active. There are others there that have only ever existed in the higher dimensions. At the time Merlin was training there at the great university, all this would have been known (part of Arthur’s story in The Downfall of Atlantis). The balancing of the great spinning wheel would have been their chief source of instruction and study. Students came from all over Europe to live there and learn about keeping the Earth in balance, up until Arthur’s final battle.

Stones I’ve worked with in the past include the time stone where we’ve travelled to places in time that need healing; the blueprint stone that carries the patterns for everything so they can be healed by restoration to an earlier phase; the animal consciousness stone which sounds like a jungle as you walk by; the everything-in-one stone containing the consciousnesses of all things (personal favourite, but gives stony-hard hugs).

Always when I go I spend time with either Life or Death. These two stand side by side in an inner circle.  Its funny how we have images of Death, such as an old man cloaked in black with a scythe, yet do not have a similar image of Life. There is a consciousness of Death, and a consciousness of Life, and they’re two sides of the same coin. Death is a character of such warmth, that after a chat with him fears of dying recede when you realise that you will step into his love and care.  He’s about our future. Life is very much about now, and is very perceptive about spotting our biggest problems and offering sound advice.  Death said take a black ribbon and a white ribbon, lay them together and gently twist so you see both sides giving you lifetime after lifetime. They are one and the same.


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