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  • Candace Caddick

Balancing Stonehenge Tumuli

Yesterday three of us went to Stonehenge to work on the nearby Normanton Barrows using Reiki. The barrows are visible from Stonehenge but lie in a line to the south with a vehicle track running bisecting them through the middle. I picked them out on a map by feeling their energy before advertising the day.

The burial mounds were erected on top of a river of energy running beneath the surface at that point. This would have been sensed and the graves dug in this auspicious place.

However, as we walked down the track to stand between them, we became aware that the river of energy running below the surface was impeded by the number of these graves above. Imagine you had a thin stream of water and almost blocked it with stones. In this case it wasn’t the graves so much as the human energy put into the building of the graves that was at odds with the Earth energy.

We were planning on using Reiki and decided to include the intention of blending and balancing the energies present. As soon as we started there was a shifting of energy under our feet as the blending began. Earth energy began to rise, which made me realise that the energy had not been rising at all before. As it rose up through my legs I could feel its support. One member of our party worked solely to rejoin the two halves of the line split by the track. At the very end of our healing I could see the shifting and balancing of energy continue upwards into the air, and then spread farther out.

I write this a lot: “the Earth supports you” and it’s quite nice to have the physical sensation of it. As the energy rose higher it suddenly pushed out any remaining bits of sadness and left nothing but happiness behind. When I say these outings are always good days out, Earth support is a big part of the reason why.

This Earth that we live on has changed and is shining out light like a small star. When we are connected to her we feel the energy of light, love and joy rise up our bodies. This is what animals can feel, and I tried not to be sad that we so seldom feel this way. Life was meant to be happy. This is one of the changes that we can allow into our lives, and the new Earth energy supports.

Sometimes there are large waves of energy that sweep across the Earth, and on March 22nd one of them arrived to pick us up and help us to rise ever higher.  Did you catch it or miss it?


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