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  • Candace Caddick

Reiki for the Post-Coronavirus World

During my daily self-treatments I’ve been working my way through my relationship with the Coronavirus. My Reiki master, Phyllis Furumoto, taught me to place an intention for healing into a second degree self-treatment to see where in my body I was holding the problem. This can also be done as a mental healing. I started with “My relationship with the Coronavirus” and everyday I had to change the wording as I healed as aspect of it during the treatment and in my sleep. I progressed to “My relationship with being in lockdown.”  By the end of the week I was at “My relationship with the post-lockdown world.” That really opened out another vista.

We’re beginning to read articles about how the advertisers and businesses are gearing up to return us to the past as quickly as possible. The past wasn’t that great for everybody. I could see a world of Reiki practitioners quietly working, joining together to send “Reiki to the post-virus world for the highest good of all.”

We are hands-on healers, and we also can join together to channel this healing energy for other purposes. As a group we can focus a great deal of energy, and as the energy is universal life force energy filled with love it will not be misused. Maybe Reiki has spread to every corner of the world so it would be a presence in times like this. In my books the Archangels explain that when three join together the effect is exponential i.e. as if nine are in the circle. So if 100 join together its the same as 10,000 working together. It’s time to begin to help the future be the best it can be for everyone. I encourage any and all groups to include this as part of their program. I will add it to anything I am doing. They say “get started!”

Links to people already using Reiki for this type of work:

Reiki Association FB page for facebook live offerings with Grainne Warner

If you have more links please add them in the comments section.

©Candace Caddick

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