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  • Candace Caddick

Sacred Ceremony at Stonehenge

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Last Tuesday my friend Grainne Warner and I visited Stonehenge Inner Circle with a group from our online Earth Magic Healing Circle, Reiki friends and more. This was a trip we had been planning for over a year when we realised how grumpy Stonehenge was, and how energetically it was leaning away from the people in the middle, two of whom were us. Grainne came up with the idea of a Sacred Ceremony of Gratitude for Stonehenge. This was very interesting to me as a way of combining people and words to create a change in energy at the site, or any site if done with love.

We bought 30 tickets for 30 May so we would be the only people there for our ceremony, and had sold many of them when Stonehenge was shut for the Coronavirus. We moved our tickets to 14 July, with our fingers crossed that it would reopen. We ended up with 15 tickets for the 14th, as 15 people would be allowed into the centre at one time for social distancing, for half and hour each instead of the full hour. Then with great fortune, with the universe smiling on us, we were the only ticket holders for our time slot so we had the whole hour to be inside.

Grainne and I had visited Stonehenge a week earlier and could see that the energy of the Earth had been rising and rising in vibration, but the stone circle was stuck at its old energy level. This was no longer sustainable, and was holding back the flow of energy through all the important sites on the planet. These are great centres of contact, like large city railway stations with lines converging at one point and the flow of people passing through. Energy links Stonehenge to the menhirs at Carnac, to the pyramids in Egypt, and to many places on all the continents to keep the flow moving. These had all been affected in the same way.

We found ourselves surrounded by many beings of light and a number of our friends who tuned in at the time. Starting with healing for the circle between the large outer stones and the inner horseshoe many of us found ourselves with our hands on the ground. Suddenly it was all very familiar, just like a hands-on Reiki treatment. I was timing this part of the ceremony “to end at the right time” and my hands were stuck on the Earth just like when they can get “stuck” on a Reiki client where you can’t, and don’t want to, break the energy flow. While I was gazing at the grass I looked through and saw that under Stonehenge it appeared like broken machinery, no longer working as it should and that was why we were there. After a time I could move my hands signalling that we were free to move around and be tourists for a little while.

Grainne’s final ceremony was designed to close down the old and open a window to a new way of living with the circle. We rinsed the stones clean of energy that was not their own, so all of beliefs and expectations of men through the millennia was washed away. By opening a window to a new future, which we then passed through, we closed the pathway where the stones would be given anyone else’s energy. Standing outside they looked lit from their insides as the old was rinsed away. The energy of Stonehenge now fits into the energy of the Salisbury plains, and the ceremony was delivered to all the great energy junctions of the world.

Before we did this, the Earth Magic online group was working on Stonehenge because the guidance was that if we could pull up this one site to the level of the Earth it would make a difference. There would be a new bottom level. The group is moving on now to another priority.

If you would like to join the online group we would love to have you. Tickets are available here, and are on sale up to 45 min before each session opens:

There’s one on tonight at 7.30 p.m. BST.

©Candace Caddick

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