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  • Candace Caddick

Calling All Healers in 2024!

By the Archangel Melchizadek.

This is the year when everything you’ve worked for comes together, by the end of 2024 your planet will feel different and will have turned a corner energetically. This is necessary, drawing together many strands of activity with healing by many different beings, animals, etc. Never think that there are not enough healers on this planet! What will change this year is the ability of many to join and work together in one direction. While the momentum for this new direction is building it is important to keep living and working in a steady and balanced manner. Others will feel this impetus and maintain or build their activity.

We encourage you to link together with other healing groups wherever possible, through intention more than personal contact. There are many groups, of many different kinds, yet the results are often very similar. You need to respect that others are as concerned as you and work in their own way for the highest good of all. By joining into a loose coalition of healing groups, as you have already joined together as individuals, the overall effect will be spectacular. Remember, healing works exponentially; a group of 10 working together is the same as 100 working together. You do not need to meet at the same time, in fact we are hoping there will always be a group somewhere focused on healing in their own way. When groups are connected you begin your own journey of semi-continuous, background healing as you assist others, and they assist you. You are ready for this; it is right there on your timeline. We beings of light can coordinate your healing group topics and activities if this is requested of us. That way you are even more closely linked to each other, and we recommend this, starting in January. Link to groups you are in contact with, who then link to other groups unknown to you. We can see the results of this easily where you may not. It’s exciting! You will establish a grid on Earth, not up in the sky, but at ground level formed of living, empowered healers. Your connections will run through people, walls, and buildings, and it will be something new here on Earth. We congratulate you humans on stepping forward and doing the work that is necessary for these days.

There will be some dark days ahead, some scary days, but if you have linked into more people, you will feel more supported. Always look ahead to the light at the end of the year. Don’t worry about anything but be joyful. Let everything go and flow forward into a more vibrant life on a living planet.

Please share this blog with everyone you know.

I thought I’d better try this out before posting so I approached the whales, having been part of their healing circles in the past. They said yes, of course, and they had already done this in the oceans where every species’ healing circles had linked in exactly this way. Even plankton practices Earth healing! Yesterday during a Monday evening Earth Magic meeting there they all were, bringing support and connection into our experiences. It’s about time for humans to spend as much time healing as the other species, who did not creator the problems for the Earth.

If you would like to link to Earth Magic Healing Circle, please do. You are all welcome to link to us. If you find yourself on this page and would like to tell us who you are in the comments and that you are linking, that would be great. It’s all about changing the energy.

©Candace Caddick

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