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  • Candace Caddick

Changing the Energy Around Death

By the Archangel Azreal, Archangel of Death.

Welcome back to those who have missed our articles, but we angels have been busy writing a book about death and the afterlife After We Die (not in print yet). We see the crippling fears that most people hold around the subject of death and hope in the book to clarify life and death for you. Fear that paralyses you causes you to be stuck in that energy.  We work not through guesswork but by observation, and we have no barriers to obscure our view of what happens to people after death. There is no life without death and no death without life. You’re always alive, and sometimes you have a body.

The fear surrounding death is tangible. If you blend all the energy on Earth it produces an energetic environment made up of light and dark. When people are afraid the dark energy of fear makes the planet darker, when people have hope the planet’s energy is lighter, and therefore thinner. You live in this energy and share in creating it with your own emotions. It has a greater effect on people than physical pollution as energy travels faster with more accuracy.

What’s changed for you in the last decade, and has increased at a faster rate in the last two years is the fear that you will all die and humanity will become extinct. You are aware that you are making Earth uninhabitable for human occupation through your actions. This fear of extinction is increasing the level of dark, thick energy once again.  The more prevalent that energy, the harder it is to see any way out of the situation you find yourself in.

Is there a solution, a way to lighten the energy and find a way forward? Yes, absolutely. Energy is so quick and flowing and easy to change, not at all like the slow-moving physical state. Some of you are Reiki practitioners or use another energy healing modality. Every time you use energy to heal you are changing the energy on the entire planet. No one can hug energy close to them, by its very nature it is a flow. We see that the most effective way to use Reiki to help the Earth is to join in circles and bring the Reiki through the centre “for the highest good of all”.  Lifting the darkness off Earth helps her, but helps humanity even more at this point in your time here. What can be easier or more simple than that?

©Candace Caddick


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