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  • Candace Caddick

Christmas 2011

Esmariel, Archangel of Transformation

“We’re returning to that time of year again when we celebrate Christmas, when we combine every holiday into one super-sized extravaganza. We buy a gift for everyone, so everyone has something (bless the charities who give to those who have nothing). We greet our friends with cards and we feast with family.  It’s interesting for us to watch, but the energy of this day is very mixed, often jarring. It’s not a smooth day that flows energetically, so it is not a day of light or love. If there is one thing that Christmas Day, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc. has the potential to be, it is a day of love.

Every planet in this universe has a planetary Love day, and on this planet your Christmas takes place on Love Day. It is the same impulse of love across the universe at the same time, it’s nice and it feels great.  Jesus’ birthday has been assigned to this day, and he was all about love when he was alive, so it’s a good time to remember him. What ever happens on that day in your own life, if it is unlike love you are missing out. This is your last year to reassess how you spend your holiday, because next year in 2012 you will need to do it differently. It will be easiest for all of you who discard the elements of this day that do not speak of love or joy to you. The energy coming in 2012 will make some of your everyday practices intolerable (you probably know already which ones they are!) The year will draw you to lives that give you joy, and if you refuse to follow that path it will become increasingly harder to draw breath; with feet stuck in last year’s mud you will feel like you are being ripped in half as the energy pulls you forward. When angels say “Come and flow with me into the light.”  do you answer “No, it’s my duty to live miserably”?

Make your choices.”

Esmariel has an entire section on personal transformation in Planet Earth Today with guidance and advice.


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