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  • Candace Caddick

Current events in North Africa and the Middle East

Archangel of Hope and the Archangel of Transformation

How do you see the uprising of the citizens in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East? There are two things to notice here: first, how change works, how nothing in your world or the greater universe works in isolation. Second, how change is good and desirable in itself.  You have been witnessing normal energy flows in these last few weeks, where one event has triggered another. It would have been unlikely if the Tunisian uprising had occurred in isolation. Instead you have an outward flow so that these countries who share similar authoritarian dictatorships all feel the energy of change and that energy alters their countries.

These countries have been held in stasis for decades, with an unchanging ruler and unchanging political structures. Their economies are based on pumping and exporting oil, sold to the same clients who burn gasoline and petrol without changing their habits. When change blows through this oil region and changes the political structures it will change all of the people who are connected to these countries. Those countries consuming the most oil will be closely affected by their changes, but how will those changes manifest? Now is the time to stop thinking “Oh, no. Fuel prices will go up!” When did they ever really go down? You will not be burning oil forever as it is a finite resource. You have been pumping oil for around one hundred years and you’ve used up most of it now. So fast, it’s as if you were gorging on the planet’s oil. Change happens, and travelling and heating your homes with oil will end, not today but not so far off in time either. When these desert countries have pumped their last oil they will enter their next phase. It is because these uprisings are the beginning of the next phase (even if that is a few years away) that we are writing now; Hophriel, the Archangel of Hope and Esmariel the Archangel of Transformation. Their next phase will be different because they have changed their countries now.

Stagnation is the opposite of change, and energetically speaking it looks grey or black to us, the angels of light. We are all about flow and progress, about not hanging on. These citizens of North Africa and the Middle East bravely stirred up enough energy to change their countries, and crack monolithic, institutionalised stasis. So much energy has been used to maintain the status quo, and so many weapons. They weave together in a web of pain, and in these webs are fat spiders swollen with more money and goods than they can ever use. Throughout this spring there will be more change as one event inspires another and as change is one of the attributes of light and love, we write now in hope. Throw the chips up in the air and let them fall where they will, then do it again until everything is flowing, swirling and dancing.


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