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  • Candace Caddick

Destination Bluebell

Winkworth Arboretum

After writing the last article about bluebells I went back into the woods everyday in the nice weather to see what was happening, and the activity kept changing.  My main question was “why was there an elemental there as a tourist?” There had to be a reason. For us, to enjoy the outdoors and “fairyland” takes us out of our houses and re-acquaints us with the beauty of the natural world. What does an elemental get out of it?

The various woods I visited last week all had the dwarf-sized beings gathering energy from each flower. In the woods themselves if you listened you could hear the humming and harmonics made by the flowers, which was more noticeable than their evening scent. The sound goes around their bell-shaped flowers in a spiral and comes out of the end, and is what draws in the elemental visitors.

I could see a blue lens forming and sitting above the flowers, and the Earth shining through the lens. Blue light shone through, like a stained glass window with the sun behind it. She shines her light through the flowers to intensify the experience of their carpet of blooms, as a gift. Humming flowers, blue light, fragrance, spring green leaves, tree trunks and a blue carpet underneath everything: I find myself in such beauty that there is no other option but to stop and go no further.

Life is a journey and events and days add up and take you forward. A bluebell woods is a destination, its there to enjoy for a little while every spring, a place to stop and listen and be in the company of other happy beings. I went to Pookchurch Woods and said “Hi” to the workers in those bluebells, and “I get it, bluebells are the destination, not the journey!” There were various comments along the lines of “Yay! A human finally understands. That’s got to be a good thing.”

The flowers are starting to fade now, but there are still plenty here in my own garden and in the local parks and woods. When they finish the focus will shift to something else.


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