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Earth and spring 2011

By Melchizadek

You are all sitting in a roller coaster car at the top of the longest, fastest run, and in a nano-second you will all take off downhill screaming with excitement. It took you such a long time to get to the top but now you are here. This spring your planet is going to roll over and shake herself, stretch her arms and open her eyes. You’ve been in partnership with a planet taking a very long nap; deliberately so. She’s set her alarm clock for 2011, so that she will have time to wake up and be ready to go by 2012.

What does this mean that she will wake up? All planet’s became still in ages past waiting until the right time. This was cyclical, as your day is cyclical with one kind of activity during the day and another kind when asleep. You are all aware of how you spend your days, but you don’t have much idea about all the tasks you perform at night. Your doctors can inform you of your brain’s pattern of activity during sleep cycles, but they don’t see beyond three dimensions. You are all very busy when asleep, some busier than others. You do not take this into account when you have mornings when you wake up feeling like you haven’t had enough rest. Night time is a busy, out-of-body social time where you meet us (the angels of light) or our other-halves (the angels of dark) among other beings. We may give more information about this another time.

Your planet has been going through her rest period, her deepest of this universe’s existence. During this time she has dreamed her own dreams, resolved problems and learned about herself. She is not the same as when she fell asleep, just as your dreams change you slightly every night. Part of being a day older is that you are a night older as well. You are free of your physical bodies at night to expand and grow in every sense except the physical. Her dreams have been beset by our dark brethren, and she believed herself abandoned by everyone. She will come to as one does when waking from nightmares, and find that it is morning and a new day is beginning. She will resume her normal life.

The Earth, and all other planets, when awake and conscious controls her own weather patterns, earthquakes and volcanoes. She is not uncaring, and some of the surface weather problems you have been enduring, the serious ones like drought and flooding, are easy for her to balance. She will do as she thinks best, and she is not focused on the human population. All life depends on her.  Similarly, she may need to move a bit, or use a volcano to release tension that has built up inside. She can do exactly what she needs to do to proceed into the future as a soul formed into a planet.

Please change the way you think about your planet, and see her as a partner and not a slave to be exploited. If you could do one thing that would be useful to both of you it would be to resume the Atlantean Reiki circles (or other healing circles). It communicates to her that you care, and you are willing to serve her as well as yourselves. She has need of the healing energy you would provide by doing so.


Reiki healing circles described on the Reiki page of this website, taken as an extract from Planet Earth Today.

I run an Earth Healing Reiki circle, and its good fun. Start one up, don’t make it too mysterious and have some good conversation and a laugh. There is nothing simpler than Reiki.


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