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Earth Magic Healing Circle Now Online

In March there was a huge shift at Avebury. Avebury stone circle is an energetic structure that appears to be a series of spinning globes set within one another from largest to smallest. Each one spins in a different direction, at a different speed, it’s very dynamic. I first noticed this structure when I visited it on 12.12.12. It’s been sitting there inside the stone circle, half in and half out of the ground for millennia until last month, when it rose out of the ground and came to a halt quite high up above the Earth. Over the last month it has carried on spinning and creating a series of higher dimensional structures, each spinning globe creating a structure. Before Avebury rose there were a number of smaller Earth energy shifts to bring this about, a bit like one of those old plastic puzzles where you have to push the squares around to solve the puzzle. The Earth has been moving and shifting the necessary blocks of energy to bring about its next phase.

Normally I would be able to get a group together and go to Avebury; I was due to be there for two days recently and it’s wonderful to be on the spot to do some healing. With the travel ban in place we are not able to go in person, but because this is energy work and not physical work, we can do this together from our own homes. As usual I am being given the working meditations, connecting us with our spirit guides and angels to support and repair the Earth where necessary. These are not self-healing meditations but instead will connect us with light beings to work together for the planet. Angels and beings of light need our help, as planetary residents, to bring the energy down onto the physical plane. This in turn will strengthen us. These will be channelled, guided meditations for us to follow, each person doing their own part unique to their talents to heal the Earth while being helped by their spirit guides.  Anyone who has done one of my workshops will know how effective it can be to work with their guides through meditation. There will be a second circle working with us of the elemental kingdom, and the Earth as an equal partner.

Reiki Master Grainne Warner has led many meditations online for Reiki Home and The Reiki Association UK. We have been working together to put this Earth Healing Circle online on Zoom. We will have the initial meeting on Monday 18th May at 7:30 p.m for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours, to include greetings, sharing and feedback after the meditation. We plan to continue online twice every month the first and third Mondays to work to build a much-needed community effort. The meeting time on the first Monday of the month will be 1:00 p.m. The times are to accommodate people who work in the day and people who are more flexible with their time who might prefer a lunchtime circle. We both feel the need for this to go forward on a regular basis and being online it can become truly global, another reason for the time choices. If anyone in another part of the world would like to meet at a different time, please let us know. The cost is £10 each and proceeds will both cover costs and fund small Earth-related projects.

We would love for the people joining us to perhaps see themselves healing something local to them as well as globally and are inviting people to place areas special to each person into the healing circle.

We have 100 places on zoom, and that will form an exponential energy circle the equivalent of 10,000 healers. We are setting this up to help change the energy and heal the Earth. We need to start now as there is pressure for change building at some large sites. This is the first step in creating a community of Earth healers. Love of the Earth is the only requirement for attendance.

The Earth is changing fast. Please come and join us by registering here:

©Candace Caddick


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