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  • Candace Caddick

First Earth Magic Healing Circle – what took place

My friend Grainne Warner and I had our first Monday night’s Earth Magic Healing Circle this week and it went really well. Our aim was to create the type of energy in an online circle that we have when we are sitting together in a room. When our working meditation was finished, we were able to have a discussion and heard what had been experienced. Four people had a sense of a very large circle stretching from Europe to the West Coast of the US with the energy flowing around it. Two people had the message to daily heal the Earth every time they saw something that needed healing, and that was for all of us to live by. Others worked with healing the ley lines, being taught how to do it by elementals. One had an enviable ride on the back of an elemental who needed someone to help hold the ley line as it flew to create a new pathway. This is what we hoped for when we set it up, for people to enjoy the experience and to contribute to the healing the Earth needs. As the meditations are channelled, they will change to be what is needed for each session. Before the meditation the Earth looked like dark, still water, afterwards there were swirls of gold flowing across the surface.… Times: First Monday of the month, 12 noon BST Third Monday of the month, 7.30 p.m. BST


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