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  • Candace Caddick

Greek Gods?

My daughter and I were sitting under a tree in my garden today that has some bluebells blooming around the base. There was a very large elemental standing there, one of the ones that looks a bit like an elephant. I got to talking to it about my garden and why it was visiting here.

He said that my garden looked and felt different because we loved it, took care of it, and interacted with the garden itself. We respected it for what it is. Obviously ours is not the only garden that has this kind of relationship with the humans who live in them. I could feel the gardens stretching beyond the fences on my side of the road, and many of them felt as hard as a paved road, while ours felt loose like a dug-over vegetable patch allowing the energy of the Earth to rise up, while the energy of the universe dropped down into it. He said he would show us what elementals see, and we saw the energy rising up from the Earth in waves looking like the Northern Lights.

As we looked up we could see beings resting on the upward flow of the Earth’s energy, layer after layer of them. They were supported by it and had a very relaxed posture, and they looked a bit like we do only white not in colour. They had cities, and paid no attention to us; we weren’t sure they could even see us. I thought is this what the ancient Greeks described as the home of the Gods, where they lived on clouds? Were they able to see more clearly through the veils we are wrapped in back then? Is this what other people may have thought were angels in heaven?


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