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  • Candace Caddick

Happy New Year 2012 and Mayan Numbers

Channel from a personage who I watched for a while as it strode around the jungles of Central America. His feet sank into the mountains there and he moved away and walked in the jungles. The animals come and rub on his ankles but the humans just looked at him out of the corner of their eyes. Yet they painted pictures of him for millennia that we can still see on stone walls. He’s very happy in the jungles, and feels like stamping on the modern cities that eat up the world. He is like a gardener of the area, and takes care of it. He drew with his finger on the soil and made patterns, and the people built them up to make the Nazca lines. His face looks like the faces of all the indigenous peoples of the area, and the people are aware of him, but he looks after the animals and the Earth. The sound he makes “huh huh huh huh” sounds like drumming, and as he says “where do you think drumming came from?” It’s the sound of the Earth under his feet. He said:

“Who were the Mayans, and how did they come to be in Central America?  Those questions were answered in The Downfall of Atlantis, and that book talked about their impact on their new world. They were people who remembered the magic in numbers and the role of numbers in the energetic reality of the universe. (This article is scraping the surface of Mayan numbers. There are books by other authors that will tell you more about them.) Your three-dimensional reality is so truncated that grasping the reality of numbers is very difficult. Numbers are symbols, and each and every symbol unlocks a door like a key, and behind the door is a flavour of energy. The Mayans correctly identified the change in energy in numeric cycles, and they made a note of the change that arrives on 21.12.12, the last day of the old energy before the new cycle of 5,126 years begins.

When a long cycle of energy ends normally there is a smooth blending of the old and new for a considerable length of time in the years leading up to the change. This is how all of life on the planet adjusts and lives through necessary change, by not forcing a change through overnight. Your world has been changing for a hundred years and some of the great turmoil of the last century is a result of the underlying shifts taking place. (Some of the turmoil was not due to the coming change.) Your starting event was the First World War in Europe, and when that ended the social world had changed forever. A good example of this is that working men were given the vote in England after their officers insisted these men had earned the right after fighting for their country. Women’s votes followed shortly after. Having a voice in government was new. Change in one country hastens change in other countries, even on the far side of the world.

The century wore on with more upheaval than was good for you, and this became accepted as a way of getting things done. Much of the human cost was ignored and the pain people lived with was thought acceptable.  Pain is never acceptable, and anyone who tells you pain is necessary probably lives pain-free. By 2011 you found the people who were living in pain beginning to protest after many, many centuries. Their lives had become impossible to live any longer.

This final year of the old Mayan cycle doesn’t have the old world end in December; it has a new world begin in December. The squeeze that began in 2011 will continue on unfairness and corruption, and the Occupy movements grew out of the pain of ordinary people. The energy that allowed all of you to have this set of experiences of financial slavery is almost finished. Will it have finished completely by December? Probably not, but give it a couple of years and it will be part of the human past. “

There is one picture in my mind when I asked to understand the energy of the ending cycle, and they showed me Spanish conquistadors killing anyone who stood in their way of gold in the New World six hundred years ago. The lust for money and possessions was supported by the old energy, and is suffused across all societies now like grey tentacles. The new cycle’s energy will arrive with a bang and help push these old practices into the past.  We all appear to be holding brooms to help sweep away the old energy.


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