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  • Candace Caddick

How people help Avebury Circle with healing

Why go all the way to Avebury for Earth healing, when you can do a lot from your own home?

Avebury circle in 2011 is mostly an energetic presence.  In the past the energy of the circle was channelled through the physical stones into the Earth.  Those stones are still present in the higher dimensions, some now in the middle of the road or inside people’s houses. The remaining physical stones are present with gaps in between where stones were destroyed or moved.

As an energetic structure Avebury is missing its connection to the Earth. In the past it would have poured energy through the stones in the circle into the planet. Imagine Avebury producing energy, then trying to focus it through haziness into the planet. That’s what it is trying to do now.

Here’s where we come in; by standing ourselves in the larger stone circle and consciously allowing the energy to pour through us (physically replacing the missing stones) that energy will enter into the Earth. It’s waiting for us to come and do this, and that’s why I’m advertising a healing day on June 4th. ( By the time we’ve done the preliminary self-healing on the day we’ll be ready to help channel a fair amount of energy. Should be FUN!

Remember when you are in a group the healing expands exponentially. When two are together it’s like four were there, three people working together is like nine, four is like sixteen, five is like twenty-five, and so on. More people mean more gets done in a shorter time.

Everybody come!

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