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  • Candace Caddick

How To Go Beyond the Veils

By Candace

Tuesday I went to Woodhenge for a few hours to time my workshop on May 31st. When I do a channelled workshop I usually learn a lot, and this time my guides have promised to take the attendees beyond the veils we are wrapped in. How was I going to facilitate that?

It isn’t me that will be doing the unveiling, it will be the site of Woodhenge itself. It is one of the places on the planet that is connected to the universe, and when you are in the centre you have reached the part of you that exists beyond the Earth, the part of your soul that is not veiled. And you remember who you are and what your place is in the cosmos.

I had a list of questions that needed answering before I could presume to teach others:

Why does it exist?

Why do we humans need wood or stone circles?

How do we use and relate to this space?

The answers were clear after using the circles, and I’m not writing them here because I want the people coming to be able to experience it.

The henge needs to be approached in the manner it was originally set up to use, then the site does the rest. Fortunately the information is not lost – it just needed to be channelled through again. Wandering aimlessly doesn’t place you in the right dimensions, the same as when working with Avebury stone circle.

I’m really excited about doing the workshop.

©Candace Caddick

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