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Humanity’s Ascension Process

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

By Archangel Uriel,Archangel of the Earth

March 2016 – this is the month when everything under your feet is changing, and the knock-on effect is to change you.  The Earth is changing every molecule right now. Try to see it as one molecule flying out and another one coming in to take its place. Since 2012 she has made what changes she could, trying not to rock the boat too much for you and other life on her surface.  She knows how you value your stability and security. But she couldn’t have a complete make-over without a major change. She went through her own process of ascension in September with the rest of life here, and her energy could no longer be contained in exactly the same form. She is replacing her physical self now to match her energetic self as the physical has to be upgraded during any ascension where the ascended body is still living, simply to hold the energy.  This energy is swirling around and renewing every part of her.

Planet Earth Today

Why aren’t you able to see this?  Your vision stops short of seeing this dimension, all of this activity is eleventh dimensional work. But many of you have felt it coming in waves all month long. It’s effect on you has been tiredness, fogginess and excitement all rolled together. Every step you’ve taken in March has been against a background of wildly fluctuating energy. Instead of walking on a level path as in February, you are climbing up and down steep hills all day long. We urge you to rest and go to bed early this March.

There are a few of you who are in the same process of renewal, recreating yourselves with new, higher-grade cells in your bodies. Because you personally are in charge of this you will most likely have recreated any existing health problems in your new body through ignorance or simply not being finished with the lessons your body is teaching you. But this is truly a time where everything is changing and your physical body is not required to be stagnant. It is responding to change every day. Your new bodies will be able to hold the higher energy frequencies of ascension.

Does this mean you will have ascended? Ascension normally takes place in-between lives and if an ascended master or mistress chooses to reincarnate, as some do, the new body is born with all the ability to hold the higher energy. This March is changing those of you who came along on the new Earth so that you can continue living here, to prepare you for ascension later if you are ready. The Earth’s change in energy is so great that you would find yourselves being left behind as she moved forward, spending all your effort in keeping up. These changes allow you to proceed in alignment with her ever-changing energy.

Imagine the process you have been going through for the last two weeks, and accept that you could need some rest. The Earth will finish this phase of her renewal in mid-summer, slowing down the rate of change from mid-April. You will both have changed at the same time, each holding a higher vibration than previously, ready to keep moving forward.

Earth’s ascension is explained more fully in my latest book “Stepping Through the Looking Glass”, I notice Amazon is saying 2-4 weeks delivery, but that’s not true, it takes about a week to come. 

©Candace Caddick

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