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  • Candace Caddick

Mozart’s Music

By Candace.

I went to see an opera by Mozart in the Royal Opera House last week, and thought I would take a look around to see where Mozart (an ascended master) was during the performance. He was present as a lovely big ball of energy even larger than that large theatre, and he held us all in his energy for the evening. I asked him if he liked the modern productions, but he said “it’s all about the music”. And then I saw that he was the music, that without his continuing energy the music would not have been there that night. Each line of music is part of Mozart; a thread of light that is not visible, but audible – it’s what you can hear. He is a soul who continues to exist after death, and we are in touch with him by hearing his music, we connect with him through sound. To go to a live performance is to be immersed in the music he wrote, and blend with his energy. I thought about how he made me feel and it was fizzy and sparkling and happy. That’s why people go to hear his music in live performances.

I asked Mozart about his recorded music, where his music continues to give people pleasure as they listen. It lacks the full immersion of the live performance and the considerable energy of people performing for you in person, but you are in contact with a being who took music and inserted light into the notes. It is a reminder of the beauty to be found in music. If you would like to understand this further, play some pre-Mozart and post-Mozart music. Listening to Mozart brings light into your soul with minimal effort, it’s a lovely gift.

©Candace Caddick


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