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  • Candace Caddick

New Dawn, the beginning of the Next Age

New Dawn, the beginning of the Next Age

The Seraphim are one of the five collectives of angels whose home is in the space between the universes. Their presence here is voluntary, in service to the Creator. Their golden light connects the universe together. One of the benefits of working with Melchizadek as my main guide is that he is present both in this universe and in the timeless space between. If he wants to show me something outside of this universe, off we go. (Remember the outside wall of this universe is at the centre!) When you leave this universe you end up with your back plastered against the wall looking at the five large balls of light that are the angelic collectives: Seraphim, Cherubim, Principalities, Mentalities, and Elohim. They have their various roles serving the Creator. You also see the five large balls of black energy who are the opposite of these collectives; I do not know their names. There are also large balls of shades of grey. (There is a lot more out in that space around the creator than these collectives of angels.) I have met angels of the light and black groups incarnated here on Earth at this time. You just need to look at the colour of their soul to see where they come from, i.e. Elohim always look blue, Principalities rose-pink, and Mentalities yellow. There are no incarnate Cherubim and only one incarnate Seraph. Humans look red.


The Seraphim (a collective of Angels)

(Cue lots of angelic singing.)

The purpose of the Earth sleeping was for her to develop the parts of her that are only worked on while asleep. She is not so different from humanity in that respect. In her sleep she stopped looking after you, and stopped looking after the other life forms riding on her, but she slept long enough to achieve the growth and development needed. Her next experience will be in 2012 when the light wave that is travelling this universe arrives and strips off layers of darkness that have dirtied her and tried to suffocate her while she lay motionless. Think of it as black and tarry, and think of her nature as one of bright, shining light.

You all chose to incarnate now to be here at this precise moment. You chose this so you could make a difference to the Earth and to all life here. You planned a variety of roles for yourselves. Some chose to die young and tragically, to shake people up and change things. What if the deaths in Japan resulted in no more nuclear power stations ever being built? The people of Japan have demonstrated twice the horrors of nuclear power, once in WW2, and recently as their power station teeters on the brink of melt down. The Japanese are brave people, and because they have taken this on themselves others may never have to suffer in the same way. There are still choices to be made regarding nuclear power in other countries.

Look out of your windows and say “I want to see the Earth energy.” There is energy pouring up out of the ground now that she is awake, where before there was nothing. It is a result of metabolic processes, of her engines whirring and energy flowing around along her ley lines. Walking through the shimmers of energy (looks like tall wavy grass, yesterday perhaps about ten feet tall, today waving high up into the sky) are the elementals, all so happy now.   They are busy in their work as tenders of the planet, and now have the support of the planet itself. Instead of deep sleep they can communicate directly with her and she can assist in her own care. You have no idea what she is like when she is awake.

Expect to see the following: those who behave like raiders and brigands will be squirming as the energy they live in becomes uncomfortable. It’s not so much fun living on a planet of light when you have a dark soul. Expect to see a resurgence of growth in the natural world, like a ping pong ball that has trees and greenery sprout out of the surface fuelled by the below ground energy. This luxuriance will turn your world from a desert into a rainforest. Life will begin to go back to normal, and I don’t believe any of you really know what that is or what to expect. Expect life.


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