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  • Candace Caddick

New York City – What Happens When the Energy Withdraws?

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We wrote previously in the book And I Saw A New Earth about the withdrawal of earth energy from cities that humans have built.  In the past the Earth supported cities through a funnel of energy that rose from below and it cradled you and supported your strength individually and collectively. Once you all were aware of this, and the other life forms on this planet rely on her strength and appreciate her care of them.  Your largest cities had far outgrown the amount of energy she funnelled through for their support, and man itself had to support these mega-cities around the globe with her help.

In the case of Hurricane Sandy and New York City, and the east coast of America, you are witnessing what happens when the Earth energy has withdrawn from supporting a city. In our last article we talked about the withdrawal of energy on a personal basis, today it is about the shut-down of support for an entire area. New York and the other large cities surrounding it will be supported in the future on your own energy alone.  You are going to take over the work of the Earth, or move away.

The Earth provides the “up” energy for trees and plants, as well as skyscrapers. Take celery, for examplem and imagine no upwards strength or fibre, it would be a slimy puddle on the ground. You have taken for granted the “up” energy of the Earth and her support for you. Everything is changing at the end of 2012, and the months of November and December are a strange transitional period where the energy withdraws from some things that are not for the highest good of all, and waits to enter in again in 2013 to support healthier societies.  Do what you can to move on in a personal manner, you only have to get yourself ready to move forward in this short time available. That is enough work for anyone.

Will New York decay and disappear? Cities will retain the features that are good, and become smaller and more pleasant over the coming generation.  If there is not a reason for something to be in the city it will find its correct place somewhere else.  You have been static too long on this planet, and it’s time for some readjustments. When you look back at these days you will be very relieved you had some help making the necessary corrections.

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