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  • Candace Caddick

Opening a Crack in Time

By the First Elohim

(I can be completely surprised by what they want to talk about.)

Greetings to all; it has been a while since I took a space for channelling on these pages.  I want to speak about what is happening right now and about how that relates to the future. Once again I remind you that I do not exist in Earth-time, but in universal time.  I return to the truth about time as explained in my previous writings:,,

You are approaching the end of time as you know it. Moving into a new way of time will not be abrupt but gentle. It will call for a reordering of the way you all live, such as using your sense of time to know when to do things instead of looking at a clock.  When the Great Seal of Time was broken under Glastonbury Tor the Earth’s need to progress in linear time was ended. That was two years ago and now it has come to a point where your cohesive future appears shattered into splinters, like a cracked mirror.

Imagine that your current time is like a giant snake where you are all a part of this snake. In 2013 time becomes more like a large group of individual baby snakes, where each person makes their own journey in tune with the Earth and their own personal conception of time for their own highest good. One example could be that a person retires at the age that suits them instead of at the national mandated age for retirement. If you are aware that you are in touch with your personal clock you will progress at different speeds, but the speed will be for your highest good. Linear time will continue on Earth because you are so accustomed to it that it will still exist.

At the end of 2012 the old Earth and old time will end. January will bring a new understanding of the Earth and the way she behaves in universal time.  Those who did not choose to go with the energy last April will finish their grey and irrelevant lives. They do not disappear into nothingness but will have a time of waiting before they take their place on Earth again at the right time. They need to recombine their souls with other humans back into the overarching human soul group. In that sense their lives as individual souls are over.

In the past it has become necessary to recombine souls, and a full description of one such time is in The Downfall of Atlantis. I also spoke about the breaking of the Great Seal of Time in that book. These days are not a repetition of sad Atlantis, but there are many similarities, particularly in new cloning techniques and the abuse of science.

If time had not been broken you would not have arrived at a new Earth in 2013 readying herself to ascend. This is such a desirable place that to be there first is to be happy. We observe you by your energy, and we are very excited that you will be entering a new phase in your game where you have a greater chance to be happy. Happiness is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, without happiness you have nothing we value. Your journey is your own to make.


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