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  • Candace Caddick

Planting Seeds of Light

By the Archangel Melchizadek

The energy change that happened on the 18th of April began the new era for the human race. In this way you are moving more quickly than the planet itself. (see: Around 2/3’s of your population chose light and moving forward and the future belongs to them. That is the real difference between those who chose to go and those who did not, whether or not you have an ongoing pathway into the future. You are at this moment in time all standing together, but the split will widen and the effectiveness of the shadow people who decided against the light will diminish. They will live lives without energy, or spark, and after a few generations they will be gone. Their children may be born with life and a future, but these people, in this lifetime, had their chance to choose and they did not choose light.

For those of you who are working with the prevailing energy; it is the beginning of your future. What seeds are you going to plant now that will grow into a new life for you to enjoy? It’s time to sift ideas and search your hearts, and formulate how you want the rest of your life to be. As you head into a time of rapid change these ideas will be a guide for you. You will have chosen interesting and fulfilling paths to travel on, while you head towards a destination you desire. It’s important that you do this now, this next week and a half or so, before the energy changes again. We suggest writing your wishes, speaking them to a mirror or a family member and letting the words shift and refine until you have honed them into a straight direction. That is your first step on the new pathway. (Reiki people can include sending Reiki to supporting themselves on their new pathway during a self-treatment.)

The second step with seeds is to cultivate them. You have your pathway, now you have to move your feet along the path. What are the steps you need to take to bring your desires into being? You and you alone, must do what is necessary to bring your desired life into fruition. The good news is that the new energy will support your every step in the right direction. You have a better chance now than you have ever had before. Taking these steps into your future is living, and you are all here to live. We encourage you to actively live in a way that makes you happy and brings you happiness.

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