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  • Candace Caddick

Seven Sisters


This weekend being Mother’s Day we went out to a couple of different places, one was Nyman’s Gardens in W. Sussex. Everything is blooming at once there, and in their walled garden there are still thousands of daffodils. So many in one place that it made me think of Dr. Bach and how he would stand under a tree to see how the tree affected him before making up his flower remedies in the 1930s. There are a lot of flower remedies now, and I wanted to talk to the daffodils about what their exuberance of colour meant to the natural world. (I see that I want to ask instead of noticing like Dr. Bach.) When looking at clumps of daffodils it is easy to see the yellow field of energy sitting like a cloud above them. They quite cheerfully said it was a ‘brain bath’, to clear and help with mental issues. It seems a good idea to me to have my brain cleaned out after a long winter by cheery daffodils. Then I saw the white daffodils in their clumps but their energy cloud is still yellow.

It’s nice the trees are awake now after hibernating all winter, and they are exploding with energy. They are also singing the tree equivalent of ‘Happy Days are Here Again’.

We went further down to the coast to walk to Seven Sisters Country Park, where there is an absence of life growing between the waves and the chalk cliffs.  Walking on that type of beach there is just the waves, the birds and the rocks. The connection to linear time loosens, and I felt that I could see the erosion of the cliff back from the sea with my physical eyes, and had to really concentrate to see the cliff as a still, stationary structure.  The barriers we’ve constructed to keep us apart from the rest of our world have never existed on those beaches. The sound of the sea, one of the loudest natural sounds in the world, felt like it was sonically cleaning all of my body with its vibrations. If you feel you don’t live near the real wild country of Wales or Scotland in the UK to recharge your batteries, perhaps you can make it to a beach.

Look outside and see all the squirrels and birds, insects, trees and plants all weaving around together in their lives. We are living in brick and glass houses, separated from them all.  It distances us and mars our judgment regarding the rest of life on this world. No wonder family pets volunteer to live with us!


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