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  • Candace Caddick

Smooth Sailing for Some

We’ve spent all summer following a new energy course, while the old one heads off in a straight line into nothingness, the new one is executing a ninety degree curve. Old projects that don’t adapt to the new energy will end up bogged down, stalled in a field of weeds, rusting. If you are flexible and able to take in new information and ideas while releasing the old then you will find you are moving ahead smoothly.

Ninety degree curves are the hardest ones to see around, you have to turn your head at a right angle  to see what’s there. It’s been difficult to see what is waiting for us along this road, but we are almost there now. By September there will be much that is new set in motion.

When my father taught me to drive he had me slow before the curve, then accelerate through the curve and into the straight road. This gives the smoothest ride for the passengers. We’re the passengers here and the energy has been accelerating to slingshot us into the future.

This is yet another separation of the pathways for humanity as some follow the new energy and others try to make their projects work with no energy at all.

©Candace Caddick


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