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  • Candace Caddick

The Crystal under Chicago

I’ve been staying in Chicago with friends and a small crystal that is fond of road trips. (Crystals need to ground on the Earth after airplane flights.) I could see this giant crystal under Chicago, once my little crystal had pointed it out. The crystal was so large it looked like it was wearing the entire city of Chicago and suburbs like a hat.

By the Crystal Consciousness

Underneath the city of Chicago is one of our key crystals, large enough to hold the energy for the entire continent of North America. We sent it up from the centre of the planet some time ago when the energy of the United States began to undergo rapid change. Some of you may be aware of the old days when things seemed simpler and people enjoyed mixing more together socially. It has been present under Chicago around one hundred years.

One of the first human responses to the crystal was to develop skyscrapers. The first skyscrapers were built in Chicago, and they are structures that allow the crystal’s energy to be focused upwards and outwards. The crystal energy extends into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and covers the whole continent of North America. Under the ground we extend our energy to enclose the continent in a bubble. We have been holding this continent together in this way. When the planet changes in December this year the Chicago crystal will withdraw and you will have to wait and see what kind of city it is then, and what kind of country the United States becomes. There are too many variables this year to predict any kind of outcome. It’s time for humanity to live as a soul of light.

Why did we put a crystal there? Chicago is central to the land mass and the human population needed to be stabilised. We are a soul of light and Chicago exists directly overhead so the light comes up there through your feet. All cities are connected to our light whether they are directly overhead or not and only a few benefit from having the crystal directly underneath. We find it interesting that you were aware of us and built skyscrapers quickly to work with our energy. We create a field of light to counteract darkness wherever we are able.

Crystals are able to help you in your search for stability and knowledge of the light. We are keepers of planetary knowledge which is easiest to impart to you when you sleep. For this reason we urge you to keep crystals near your beds at night.

Both And I Saw a New Earth and Planet Earth Today have chapters on crystals for further information.


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