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  • Candace Caddick

The Earth’s Violet Flame Chakra

By Candace

Not very far from where I live is Leith Hill, the tallest point in the county of Surrey, England. A few years ago the Violet Flame Chakra was established on that woodland hill, bringing in an energy for spiritual healing. It’s had its ups and downs since being established. Over the past couple of years there has been drilling for oil and gas at its base by one of the big oil companies. They withdrew a few months ago.

Leith Hill Surrey

I have been pushed by my spirit guides and elementals to go there with some people and do something to help Leith Hill. Looking at it, the energetic damage to the hill itself was debilitating and sending it into a decline, particularly along the side where the drilling was. That side of the hill looked like it was collapsing energetically and needed shoring up and healing. With this kind of work you have to follow the energy, first the energy changes, then the physical changes. We needed to repair the energy.

I collected a group of healers to meet me there and we brought the light in to the centre of the hill. As we were doing the healing I could see hundreds of elementals completing a large circle around us, and around them was a ring of dragons. The number of dragons present every time I’ve visited Leith Hill in the past made me feel they were standing guard and keeping something else from doing harm.  A couple of us spotted what was lurking under the hill, in a space almost as large as the hill itself was an entity in a protective case. Once spotted we made the case too hot for it to remain in and it had to emerge. The dragons took care of it after that. We did some balancing at some other locations and finished by filing up that big hole with light before heading home. We all felt pretty good, using the gifts we have been given to help the planet we live on. The violet flame was settling down again by the time we left, steadying itself in the energy of light.  

By Archangel Michael

Earth healing is crucial at the moment. She is a large entity and much of the damage is on her surface but the dark energy and lack of care for her goes far deeper. Those who cause the damage are at the greatest risk to their souls. We can see you, we can see who helps and who walks by. All those who feel drawn to do the work of healing the Earth are needed for her and to raise the vibration of the human soul. You are all in it together.

©Candace Caddick


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