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  • Candace Caddick

The Incoming Shift in Energy

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth

Whoosh! Here it comes, after the energy building for months. There has already been so much bumpy energy this year, that it has been tiring to live your lives. Take one step forward and get blown sideways, find your way again and get pushed backwards. It’s not just happening to you. Those who have done the best are those who have taken small, steady steps and grounded each one before moving forward again. It hasn’t been easy. During these last few weeks, the pressure has been building for change, and that has been underlying everything on Earth.

The energy has begun its shift to a higher vibration, just enough to support those who work with these vibrations, and to impede those who choose lower vibrations. In other words, for some it will be like trying to live on a planet where they can no longer breathe the atmosphere. This energy is pre-planned and deliberate, it is meant to turn everything upside down, with every rock overturned and every dark place illuminated. It is not necessarily pleasant to live through. There are people on your planet who are holding all the power and wealth, and their response will be to lash out so as not to lose anything they have already grabbed. You will see some vicious behaviour in 2024. By the end of the process there should be much that has been rebalanced.

What about your own life? Are you ready to have everything you thought you had, or thought you knew turned upside down? This is how this type of energy works. At the end there will be a rebalanced you, settled into a balanced life.

We are writing this now because the shift has started, and it can help to understand that chaos is not forever, and that change is necessary for everyone. Our advice is to let everything drop from your hands that you no longer require and walk through the world with a lighter heart and body. When energy gives you a big push, go where it is pushing, don’t resist but accept the new path. None of this needs to be hard and is aimed at creating balance for yourselves, for the planet, for all life here. It’s about returning to balance, and it will feel familiar and right. When the energy is pushing you to rebalance then it’s best to exert yourselves to do so.

I must mention here that I have been running the Grief, Joy, Balance workshop for a couple of years to help people become balanced. Next workshop is scheduled for 3, 10, 17 May, 90 min each session., and please check out the testimonials

©Candace Caddick

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