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  • Candace Caddick

The London Olympics

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Why was it important that London hosted the Olympics from the point of view of the Earth and the passage of time? What are the qualities of the Olympics that have true significance at the end of the day?

The Olympics carry the energies of activity and striving to be the best. Did you know, you could not do this on any other planet? You can only do it here where you see yourself as alone and others as not-you. Other planets would celebrate their oneness and unity, but humans are striving to be the single best person on the day. We see how your division into loneliness has brought you to a high level of activity and striving and being the best you can possibly be and that is quite wonderful. That is the energy of sports and it is at a very high energetic level, and explains why cheating is so disappointing. You separated into individuals without a shared consciousness and this alone allows you to try to beat each other in a race. This is a gift with a difference that Earth offers up to the Universe, an experience no one else would even consider. You will hold the Olympics and the experience will exit the planet to be shared by all of life in the outer Universe. The human soul who forgot it was one produces once again great heights of striving and experiences. Life is, after all, just a series of events.

Why London in 2012?  It’s as close as you can get to the heart of Earth, and it will bring the activity and striving right to the centre of the Earth’s surface by being in the UK. It’s like a fully-charged battery to have the sportsmen and women come here from around the world and race. The energy will build and build over the days until the climatic final day with the biggest scheduled races and that energy will be concentrated in one location. Energy will be created by the human race from the efforts of a few participants and the world watching will be engaged and excited. It will be focused here, and when the games are over the energy will still be here, exactly where it is needed. You humans will have created this energy by yourselves from nothing. As much as there are corporations that will try to take some of the energy for themselves in the form of money, the true energy of the games will remain. The competitors of the nations of the world will have created it.

London’s Olympic energy will kick-start the next Earth phase and she has been ready for this help. Remember we’ve said over and over that your relationship to the planet is two-way? This is a great example of you doing exactly what you need to do to help the planet. You are providing a jump-start and, just like a tired car, it will help her to initiate her next big event. How big? Unpeeling her old skin like a snake does in the springtime, it is time for her to be reborn; with the main plans held under Avebury Circle and Silbury Hill. London is close enough to supply the energy without losing too much in the travelling. Jump-starting this process of renewal is the beginning of everything that happens next.

If you are interested in the New Earth, then the archangels have published a book about it. “And I Saw a New Earth” is their book about the world that will be here next year.


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