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Using the Infinity Loop for Balance

I have been in a lot of conversations recently discussing how to use the infinity symbol for healing and balance. I'm posting below a chapter from my book After We Die where my archangelic guides show us how to use the infinity symbol in meditation. I've done this, and can recommend it as a way of changing your own energy. It takes a couple of days to get the hang of it, but then it gets more automatic as you understand what you are doing. All of my books are packed with information, and After We Die is no exception. My guides use the books to teach us about our world and help us find our way through it.

After We Die

Chapter 16,

Using the Infinity Loop to Balance

We recommend becoming comfortable with this idea of wholeness. It is not whole to deny you have any darkness in you, or to be afraid of owning it. If you visualize a figure 8 on its side, or an infinity symbol , you can visualize yourself travelling around its shape. The right half can be your light side and the left half your dark side. They are of equal size and weight. As you let your energy flow along the path you will encounter obstacles slowing your movement.

The infinity symbol is a flowing meditation, if you find it difficult to imagine the movement with your mind, use your arm. Make the symbol as large as necessary. Your arm will show you the information you want it to. This is how dowsing works, the answer is already inside yourself, as when a water diviner picks up underground water vibrations through their feet. They then use their arm(s) to deliver the message through rods in a way that is clear to them. Take your arm and follow the symbol, asking to be shown where you have a blockage in your relationship with the light and the dark. Keep going, one side will be easier than the other and everyone is different in their life experiences and blocks. At this stage in your spiritual development many of you only need to be aware of the nature of the past experience that leads to a block, in order to release it permanently. Let them all go so you can become whole.

Be alone in a quiet, meditative state and start moving. Ask us for help in working with the symbol. You will travel to the first place you have a blockage, then ask yourself “What do I need to look at here?” There are pictures and words that we can use to start you thinking along the right lines. At the first stop you will be at the youngest point in your life, the second you will be older and so on. These memories will arise on the side of the light and the dark, as tears can arise from a loving experience or a miserable one. Memories contain energy and we are looking to heal these memories and blend the strength of their energy into a homogenous whole. The way becomes smooth and the travelling easy and light. Around and around the infinity symbol, learning from your past with the perspective of an adult, healing old pain with the help of angels. Let the flow of energy heal them before moving ahead.

After a few days of travelling on your infinity symbol it will be running more smoothly. When the way is smooth, try to shrink the moving smaller until it is as small as a bow tie, a moving flow of energy. Then tug it smaller, smaller, smaller until it seems to be losing its definition. You are aiming to bring the two sides of the symbol into the centre where there is nothing except the smallest possible dot, one that can’t be divided any further. Just keep asking us for help, and stating to yourself you are going to make it the smallest dot there is and hold it in your heart. That is the point of unity and wholeness where light and dark are one, if you look inside the dot there is nothing there except you. A long time ago the smallest possible dot began your universe, expanding outwards to become everything that is here now in the big bang. The universe is made of light and dark and choices.

When you start practicing with the smallest possible dot, while holding it in your heart you will hit the moment of balance. Then it may slip away needing a fresh effort to return to balance. Try and hold it for twenty seconds, that feeling of energy, balance, uprightness, peace. Now try it by running a method of healing energy, like Reiki, through yourself at the same time. Feel it become supported by the energy and you can hold it effortlessly as long as you are channelling energy. During your everyday life you probably will not be in this balanced space unless you consciously place it in your heart again. It can be done more quickly each time. Balance can be felt in your own person as a return to “normal”, to a time when wholeness was once taken for granted. Life steps up a level when you are balanced, it allows you to make more of your time and opportunities because you are whole. Imagine how hard it is to do your best every day with various parts of your soul incapacitated. Humanity is ready to live their lives in a balanced way again and some of you will do this exercise easily. Many people have worked towards living a balanced life for multiple lifetimes.

Everyone who practices this balanced healing on an unbalanced Earth helps the Earth. You are providing wholeness and balance, not just in your little human body but also in your energy fields. It’s your energy fields that help settle the Earth’s energy. When a group meets for Earth healing, the energy is enhanced, increasing exponentially so three become as nine, ten become as one hundred. One hundred balanced souls are a big help!

When you experience detrimental swings in climate the Earth is struggling, too. She is trying to rein in the imbalances and settle the climate again, this is where balanced help from humanity will help offset the damage done by other humans. We angels have been working with humanity to devise useful ways to help, this is a technique that can be done daily or in groups. Please try it.

If you think of those who profit from harming the Earth and others who counteract this damage, then the entire human race is on a large infinity symbol of light and dark. Just keep on your own journey flowing around the infinity symbol, meditating, and removing your blockages, acknowledging the dark while choosing actions of light. Those who despoil the Earth are far, far fewer than those who love her and look after her. Look around the entire world at the many farmers and people who daily live outside in her company and remember they help you balance the light.

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© Candace Caddick


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Sep 30, 2023

What great guidance and so timely now in our current upheavals. Both personal and environmental! Thank you and your guides, Candace. It is an honor and pleasure to work with you all! Lisa 💕🌀♾️👩🏼‍🌾

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