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  • Candace Caddick

What’s Changing on 12.12.12

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are ready to say a little more about the expected changes in energy as your galactic cycle ends. Earth will be hit by the biggest wave of energy this universe has ever seen. The energy that arrives for the planet will also affect you; it will melt some hardened coverings that you have put in place to keep you as you are up until this date. You can see it as discarding something you no longer need, or as a key that unlocks a door that doesn’t need to be locked any longer.  Many of you will have walked happily inside of veils that are ready to be ripped open, and you will have a clearer view of yourselves and your world.

There is a lot of talk about 12-strand DNA being reactivated at this time, and about Atlantis being rediscovered. Your double helix DNA strand is a pattern that is found elsewhere in nature. It holds the code to restore the planet to health, and it is whole in other species. What this energy will do for you is to make you whole again. Forget the how but look at the end result of humanity becoming whole, it could take some people years and the instant DNA fix is a distraction. When you are whole again you will have returned to the humans you once were in Atlantis. This is something that you will need to participate in, rather than have done to you.  DNA is how humans show others they are from  Earth.

We know that there is a lot of speculation about this period in time and we can see some crazy ideas floating around about how these veils will be ripped away. We want you to know that this is ultimately about the purity of the energy bathing your planet for two weeks in December and you have not been exposed to this particular energy for 26,000 years.  You don’t need the help of angels, extraterrestrials, demons, or elementals to take advantage of this energy.  You are able to change yourselves without help because you chose to be ready to change this at this time. The energy will help you to discard the unnecessary coverings, locks and veils and many people will suddenly wake up.  That is going to be an enormous event.

Those who wake up into consciousness as a result of this energy will look for answers, for fairness and for justice. They will want truth and information to take them farther on their paths, and be unhappy if asked to continue on a pathway that hurts other people. They will want balance in their lives, and for their lives to be better. Some people will not wake up (those who did not chose light), but live out their lives wondering why everyone else has changed.  If you already read these messages you intend to wake up, and then you will have an individual journey to become whole and the best person you can be.


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