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  • Candace Caddick

Why 2011 is the new 2012, and what that means for everyone

A lot of people talk about 2012, the Mayan Calendar, and what will take place here when the date of 12.12.12 arrives.  Most of it is guesswork looking at it from the human point of view, when we will just be on the edge of what is happening to the planet at that time. Everything that happens to the Earth will affect us because we live on her, but not everything that happens here is about us. Not yet.

What I can see when I look forward to that year is a year-long event, not something that will happen on one day. The energy that bombards the Earth from the wider universe will help heal her and make her stronger. This in turn will make a difference to us to live on a planet that is healthy and bursting with energy. As it rises through the roots of the trees it will rise through our feet as we stand and walk, affecting some people more than others. It’s this that the rest of the universe is waiting for, and for what the planet is waiting. A return to what life can be like when filled with light and universal life force energy. For this reason those who already practice their Reiki or another healing modality will find it easier to blend with the new energy. It will be easier for them to live with it and adjust to it.

So why 2011 instead of 2012? There has been enough work done by some to enable the Earth to restart her own engine and spread her energy throughout her whole being. Where you can see the light below the level of the tree roots today, by next year it will be pushing out of her surface into all life forms. Some won’t like this, and have worked to keep her weak, but it will happen anyway.  

This is an update on the timing mentioned in my book Planet Earth Today.


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