• Candace Caddick

Why Use a Higher Dimensional Gateway?

By Candace Caddick

When I take groups to visit Stonehenge, Avebury or Woodhenge I always make a point of entering these circles through the existing higher dimensional gateway for each site.  I do this because when I first began writing up channelled workshops I was told to do it that way, and the gate is opened by intention. I teach opening the gateways on the Woodhenge workshops.

What difference does it make to the workshops? I could see this really clearly last Saturday at Avebury when we were interacting with one large stone, and it was so easy. With a couple of dimensions not there, we were closer to the stone and its energy, it was like approaching it using a smooth highway instead of a rutted track littered with obstacles. If you are inside Stonehenge or Avebury because you want to be energetically close to the stones, then going through the gateway is an obvious step to take.

One other aspect of the Stonehenge visit I forgot to mention in my previous article, was it’s ability to step us up on our individual pathways. It’s as if our route is the same, but we are now walking on it at a slightly higher level. These stone circles were built for a reason, and It’s been so interesting exploring them over the years.

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