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  • Candace Caddick

Winter happenings at Avebury Stone Circle

Four of us from my Earth Healing group went to Avebury Stone Circle yesterday for a visit. Usually when I go there’s something new to notice and take care of, and this was an interesting mid-winter visit. It was a very quiet day – in more ways than one. The stones in the great circle usually have a lot to say and are happy to talk to visitors, but this time their attention is focused on the sky. They’re busy, and if you say feeble human things like “That wave of energy is coming very soon, perhaps within the next two weeks, they say “We Know!”” We’re guessing, they absolutely know. They are very hard at work preparing.

Stepping into the great circle the drumming from the springtime has subsided, and the circle is spinning if you walk clockwise. It can feel a little dizzy but it’s supposed to spin, and it’s like walking on one of those moving walkways from inside an airport (not if you walk counter-clockwise.) These stones used to look grey, but now they appear like white quartz, shining with light and they’re all there restored to their places. You have to struggle to see the grey stones and the gaps in the circles their energy is now so strong.

I have previously written about the role of Avebury in the ascension of the planet in Downfall of Atlantis, so I’ll move on now as the Avebury circle itself is waiting to speak.

“We exist on your physical plane as an incomplete circle and an ancient ruin. This is such a small part of who we are that you can’t understand us by visiting and looking at stones. We are so much, much more. In the last few years we have been waking up and getting ready to resume our function for the planet Earth.

We were put here by Atlanteans to align this planet with specific stars. Time has moved slowly for those stars and we continue in alignment. They exert a pull on this planet by anchoring through us, we are an extension of these stars, and we maintain connection of this planet to the outer universe. Lately we’ve been resting and waiting for the right time, and when that came we began preparations to reconnect this beautiful planet back into her place in the universe so that her voice and song can be heard again among her universal family of planets. There is only one family of planets and they sing together like a choir, and all their voices together make a cushion of sound that fills this universe. Your planet has been silent a long time and the song is incomplete without her voice. When the planets sing together there is balance and light in the dark spaces, and all of life is cushioned and protected with their softness and gentleness (although some planets are quite fierce!) You live on a very sweet-natured planet, like a favourite little sister to the others.

Avebury is ready for the Earth to resume her song.”

You know that wave of energy we’re expecting to hit the Earth in 2012? It could come from inside her, from the song.


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