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  • Candace Caddick

A Healer’s Guide to Broken Bones

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

First, always follow your doctor’s advice as they are the experts at the physical healing of bones. This is an article for energy workers to help speed up the process.

I broke my shoulder in June in about four places while in central London and ended up at a hospital away from my home. For that reason they agreed not to operate that night, but to send me home to be seen at my local hospital for care. One week later I was seen for the first time at my local hospital. During that week I had to rely on energy healing, predominately Reiki. Here is what I’ve learned.

  1. I could see the golden light of Reiki between the bone shards working with my body to glue the bone back together. I put myself on the Reiki Care Service for The Reiki Association members (UK) for help. I did hours of my own Reiki every day, still do!

  2. This same energy is available as a gift from the Earth, so I made sure I was grounded by drawing her energy up through my feet and into my energy fields frequently.

  3. Healing takes place while asleep, and during nights I asked for my spirit guides to work on the shoulder all night long. One night I felt invisible hands gently bringing all the bone fragments back together. Jesus was a great healer, you can ask for his help.

  4. I asked for my body elementals to do everything they could to heal me.

  5. There was trauma from the fall and I dreamed on the second night that I had four legs. When I woke up I did the work to bring my energy fields back together as they had literally split in two.

  6. I didn’t take Arnica 30, but it would have been a good idea for trauma and shock.

  7. I did take Star of Bethlehem flower remedy for shock. Rescue remedy would have been a good alternative.

  8. I could see in the early weeks that my body’s energy stopped at the broken shoulder, and did not go down my arm. I slowly improved this by having friends put one Reiki hand on the shoulder, one on the wrist. Without life force energy breaks will be slow to heal. The most effective was for me to give Reiki to someone else, although that was much later on.

  9. I bought the relevant nutritional supplements online following expert advice. Bone health is a team effort. The top 7 “team players” are vitamin D3, K2, calcium, EPA & DHA, magnesium, boron and strontium (citrate, NOT ranelate). And I believe numerous other trace minerals play important roles as well; the loss of trace minerals in our foods, a result of conventional farming /agribusiness practices, is a contributing factor in osteoporosis and other chronic diseases we are currently experiencing.

  10. Blood pH is relevant here, as acidic blood empties your teeth and bones of calcium to balance the pH at neutral 7. Fruit and veg are alkaline and bring the acid balance down daily. (I am a trained Nutritional Therapist.)

  11. I rested. When the break happened the entire focus of my body turned towards healing it and I was quite tired. I was also extra hungry to provide the energy through food for the work my body was doing. Eat well.

  12. Some or all of these may apply to any hurt, especially those associated with trauma. Shock, trauma, misaligned energy bodies and/or acupuncture meridians, sadness etc.  all delay healing. I asked trees for healing, elementals, anyone who could – all the time. Everyone is always happy to help and I usually requested the help I needed most, for my highest good.

  13. X-rays are useful but you need to protect your physical body and energy fields before they press the button. I ask my guides to do this for me. If you haven’t in the past then ask them to heal you from any radiation damage now. This goes for dentists, too.

When I first attended the local hospital fracture clinic they decided not to operate, so there were no metal pins or nerve damage from an operation. I was discharged from further treatment after 3 months, with some more healing to do and with continuing physiotherapy exercises to strengthen my arm and do at home. My neighbour had similar fractures in April and her bones still haven’t knit together.

I have some way to go to finish healing and regain full movement in my shoulder and I would like to acknowledge the kind people on the Reiki Care Service and the staff at East Surrey Hospital and the Royal London in Whitechapel, as well as all the angels and beings of light, elementals and trees who have always said yes to my many requests. There is a universe of love out there for each one of us. I hope some part of this was helpful.

© Candace Caddick


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