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  • Candace Caddick

A Planet Frozen in Time

When I work with my angelic guides they sometimes show me something they want me to see. Yesterday I watched a vision of our planet in a freezing vat of water, so cold that it was hard to draw breath. The solution seemed to apply heat to the water, so while I was working on that aspect they turned the Earth over and I could see they were busy reconnecting her to the universe. Electric cables were being attached to her and each one ran to a different star. The freezing water was Reiki energy, hampered by – what?

This came at the end of a week where I was trying to get the second book finished (Downfall of Atlantis), and had to understand how of all the planets in the universe, this one was on linear time instead of universal time.  It’s a great story about the compromise King Arthur had to make to save the planet in his time, and how his life echoes on and on in books today.

The reconnection of the planet to the rest of the universe will be a good thing, but not without risks for her as we plunge back into the situation present at Arthur’s last battle. It’s not time to congratulate ourselves yet, but time to renew our commitment to living with her.

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