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  • Candace Caddick

A Shift in the Earth’s Higher Dimensions

Archangel Esmariel, Archangel of Transition

Your planet is changing again, on an unstoppable journey of her own. On this winter solstice, the Sun will fire up her higher dimensions with enough energy to shift up a level. For those of you able to see the higher dimensions, look for fault lines and where they touch the physical planet. These will be the sites of the most turbulent energy, a twisting and pulling to bring her into alignment with the upper energy bodies. This is not very pleasant for her. Although this has nothing to do with humanity, the fact that you live on her surface means you will be affected by the shifts and may find it difficult making the leap from the old to the new. It will be a time of crisis for some people while others hold the transition energy with ease.


Existing fault lines will be vulnerable, and the changes will also feed into political instability, inside and outside of countries. Look for wars, civil wars, and insurrections because of these shifts. The largest, most noticeable changes will be Earth imbalances of every kind. When all the changes have been incorporated into the Earth’s physical and energy bodies, then she will feel better, and things should settle down again. Estimated time is around eighteen months.


We have said many times that first the energy changes, then the physical changes. You have an opportunity here to observe and live through one of the biggest changes that can happen to a planet as she transitions to a higher level of her being. It will begin to be noticed on your physical world beginning late spring 2024. When we talk about higher levels, it is useful to picture a staircase, and stepping up one step. There is always a higher level after the current one is reached.


I am the Archangel of Transition, and it is my purpose to come forward at these times and ease the transition of any being who asks for my help. The Earth has requested my help, and I will be here for the duration of the changes. If you would like my help to incorporate change in your lives at any time, then simply ask me and I will help and guide you through necessary changes. Remember, everything changes all the time and being in the flow of change will help you travel through life more easily.

If you are interested in the Earth's journey, my book Dawn of the Endless Day takes us along to her final days, and what comes after. Available from myself or Amazon.


Esmariel has written a special solstice meditation for the Earth Magic Healing Circle on 21 December at 7 pm. We will be holding the transition energy, and she says, “You who hold the transition energy today will step smoothly from one phase to another.” I have always found that any help I give to the Earth is amply repaid by her. Everyone is welcome at an Earth Magic Circle, here is the link:



©Candace Caddick

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Dec 14, 2023

Thank you Candace for sharing this guidance. It is an amazing journey to witness!!! Love and light to all.

Candace Caddick
Dec 14, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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