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  • Candace Caddick

Dead Monsters

There was a dead body of a pig-like creature washed up on the coast of South Wales in Tenby this week, following the one that appeared on the New York shoreline in August. To look at the picture of the beast was to tap into its overwhelming sadness when it was alive. This is how I work sometimes: I follow the energy of the emotion present. In this case the beast and its sadness together make a signature that identifies it, and makes it impossible to miss when coming across it again or looking for it. I looked for them and all of the beasts were in a dark underground area, living their lives in pens under artificial light. Moving among them and breeding them were creatures that took me a while to identify as men. These men do not have the light that is present in the human soul, and appear to be dark and without energy.  The carcasses of the animals have been dumped at sea and eaten by sea creatures but every now and then one washes up onshore, and a passer-by takes its picture with their phone.

If you connect with the creature’s soul, what you find is confusion and sadness. Everything alive has a soul, or it is dead. They look at their feet and wonder “where did these claws come from?” If you were a pig farmer would you want to raise pigs with claws, beaks and sharp teeth? I don’t think these are being bred for farmers.  I wrote a book that included the science experiments in Atlantis, The Downfall of Atlantis, and they began in much the same way by trying things just to see what would happen. Denying that animals have souls, splicing up genes in dishes “just to see” and causing such overwhelming sadness and confusion is not right. In the Atlantis book one of the greatest draw-backs to some scientific experiments was the callousness they created in the scientists prepared to interfere with another living being. Atlantis was a spectacular failure.

With the Earth emitting her own light now there will be more secrets exposed. One last question for US tax payers – you work hard for your money, are you happy seeing it spent in a government facility like this? Who else would breed these?

©Candace Caddick


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