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  • Candace Caddick

End of the Old World, and Beginning of the New. The Role of Elohim in 2012.

Elohim Collective

“Elohim are a collective of angels. We exist in the greater universe as carriers of energies of light. We have divided out from the one who is similar to our parent (the First Elohim), and hold and ground our various vibrations in our own bodies. That means that Joy holds joy intact for the universe; Peace holds that deep and lovely vibration – the sound of peace; Victory, Grace, Hope and many, many more anchor their own vibrations.

We are all here now, surrounding planet Earth at exactly the right time. We have been incarnating in human bodies en masse. Think of us as large air balloons with one toe in a thimble – our human bodies. One Elohim is about twice as big as Earth. How does that make you feel? Hopefully not too small as you have a similar relationship with your own human bodies, but we are almost the largest angels in size. Angel size does not matter; we’re just giving some information about us.

Here we are, incarnated in human bodies (some of us grandparents now) and some far younger, but 99.9% of us asleep and not knowing who we really are. That was how it needed to be up until now but our time is coming! We are the 2012 angels with the special role of capturing the coming wave of energy and pouring it, anchoring it into the Earth.

The wave of energy that is coming is universal, passing across the universe as the very out breath of our creator. It will touch everything before it has completed its journey. Your planet will be touched next year, and we will perform our role of drawing it in and keeping some of it here for her. And this is where being large is handy, as we can spread a little farther out into space and capture more for her, think of a daisy with petals around a centre.

Once we have anchored energy for a year (Not one day! Please think about the lack in such a short time span.)  The Earth will have topped up her reservoir of light, a little bit like someone after a series of Reiki treatments. Anyone who’s had a series of Reiki treatments will know that you are changed by the experience. Your planet will have had more than a year of healing energy pouring into her and she will not be the same when it finally passes by. This is what 2012 is all about, capturing love and healing and pouring it into Earth. You who live on her will feel the winds of change as this happens, but you are not the prime beneficiaries. You could find it all too much high-powered energy. For this reason some of you will be oblivious to the direct energy and wonder what all the fuss was about. Those who practice their Reiki self-treatments daily will find it easier to blend and absorb the healing energy and we strongly recommend that you do so. (I do not mean to exclude other methods of healing, but Reiki does have the advantage in that it teaches self-treatment and you are changed daily by this. You are slightly different because you spent time giving yourself a treatment and because it is daily you keep moving forward without falling back to the way you were.) Those of you who are able to absorb this energy will fill their souls with light in a way you have only dreamed of in the past. And that would be a good thing!”

What I can see is the effect of the energy on those who are flexible will be beneficial, while those who are inflexible will find it terribly hard as the world changes energetically around them.  Think of a sailing ship with the wind in its sails blowing ahead on the water. Now think of a ship where the sails are too tight for the gale force winds and they are ripped to shreds. Or think of a small river swollen by flood water bearing down on a stick which snaps as the water hits it, or think instead of fish being carried along with the water. Be a fish!


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