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  • Candace Caddick

Equinox Energy, Spring 2023

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

You are approaching the Spring Equinox in March, one of the two balance points in the year. We, as Earth angels, draw your attention to this day of balance and ask you to focus on what it is like to stand on a balanced planet for one day. These days only come around twice a year. Does it make you feel any different? We cherish and promote balance, for this planet and for all those who live on her. Everything in life is easier when you are balanced.

In the past the Earth was balanced, fresh and new, she travelled upright around the Sun. She could do so again, and she is ready to do this for herself. She is concerned about the amount of life that could be lost when she recovers her balance and straightens her poles. So she waits a little longer. We bring this up now because she is getting restless with the need to move. Can you help by holding the energy of balance in your own lives? By this we mean examining your lives and finding where you are not balanced mentally, emotionally, spiritual and physically. Take steps to correct these imbalances. In your world today there are many mentally and emotionally unbalanced people and they pull at the Earth’s energy fields, more than at any time in your past. It makes it harder for her to maintain stability. Your individual efforts in maintaining balance in life creates an island of calm to counteract all the disturbance. The more you find and create balance the easier it will become for you, and the more people you will be able to help, just by being you.

This Equinox gives a glimpse of balance, then the energy takes off creating speed in an uphill climb. Faster and faster, the buffeting winds of winter fade and the sheer speed of energy and events takes hold. You live in this world, and in order to hold your place you will need to buckle up. Start by taking smaller steps, then consolidating your progress; taking more small steps, and consolidating again, to get the best results. Break your plans down into steps and build steadily on your work. You will start next year at a higher level than you are at now, both with the plans you make and with your soul’s growth. Walk carefully and steadily through the year, across a shaking surface. Stay grounded, stay balanced. See for more about how to ground effectively.

We have just finished one of our 3-week Grief, Joy and Balance workshops. These 90-minute sessions start a process that continues to filter through over the succeeding months. Next course is 3, 10, 17 May, on zoom. Contact me if you are interested.

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Mar 06, 2023

Thank you Candace for this timely message from the Earth angels. I particularly loved the steps… then ground; steps….then ground. It’s so helpful to remember it’s about the journey and that it isn’t linear. 🌀❤️


Chiara Corte
Chiara Corte
Mar 05, 2023

thank you Candace for you effort in channelling

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