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  • Candace Caddick

Equinox Lullaby

We went to the Ashdown Forest for a walk today in the autumn sunshine. The trees have been singing a lullaby for a couple of weeks, and I was looking to see who they were singing to, everyone or just themselves. Their song drops down and spreads low across the land, and the plants and animals all hear it telling them that winter is coming and its time to rest. The trees themselves are more than half asleep, and they are very drowsy now in their physical forms. The Earth begins the lullaby at the right time for the life on the surface and the trees are her instruments.

I think we hear this lullaby originated by Mother Earth, and it lets us know that its time to wind down and take it easier over the coming months. This is the pattern of planet Earth, designed to allow everyone a rest time in the winter; time to sit around the fire and tell stories and sing songs. We’re so disconnected from nature; we ignore it, turn on the lights and TV and keep going in a most unnatural way.


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