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  • Candace Caddick

Follow on from 11.11.11 part two

Around my house we’ve been doing a lot of healing in the last two weeks after the 11.11.11 experience. One of the things we found during these sessions is that we as humans, have some of our important pieces missing. We could see humanity queuing to enter life on Earth, like it was the most amazing theme park full of rides, and the price of admission was that we handed over our hearts.  One after another we handed over our hearts to something that looked black on the inside even if his face was fair, and the hearts were put into storage. We found the place where the hearts are kept, dusty but whole, shelf after shelf of them towering above us into the night sky. We could see the stars where the roof was missing. We found our shelves and there was more there than just hearts, there were eyes and ears and other dusty pieces. I came away with a white dove that nestled into the place where my higher heart chakra is, and there she sits as a permanent connection between me and Spirit. (I got my heart back five years ago.) Another found her power source, and reinstated that in her abdomen. We went back after a week, and I found my eyes and small bones of my right hand, while another found her heart. We may go back when we have assimilated our changes, as our shelves were not empty.

Why would anyone one agree to leave their heart behind when incarnating? In our world, this cruel world, those who can feel, and have warm hearts run the great risk of having them trampled through carelessness or spite. This is not a safe world for hearts. Would we still have left them if we had seen through the disguise of the ticket seller? I don’t know. I have my eyes back now, and sight comes with looking carefully and thoughtfully at the world around me. I’m not suddenly seeing lots of everything. What was it like to have a crippled right hand? It would have made it hard to carry and hold any kind of load.

It was important when we left the tower last time to make sure the tower was guarded to keep the hearts safe. Maybe you’d like to collect yours now, and maybe you’re prepared to wait until the next time you approach the entrance to the theme park and ask for your heart back. You don’t have to pay admission to incarnate here.  Incarnating here without a heart changes the way we relate to each other and the kind of world we live in.

Whenever a soul incarnates here the Earth’s societies have slightly changed from the last time. Maybe people will start to incarnate with their hearts again, maybe it won’t look so risky and dangerous. You have to be strong enough to protect it when you bring it down here. When people (and I’m thinking of vast numbers of politicians here) try to get you to believe they have hearts and all they want is what is good for you, it’s probably not true.

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